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Recommended FTP Client - Version 3.4
Filesize: 3.89 MB
Leech FTP 1.3
"FTP client - Not in your directories, but very good product! LeechFTP has a feature to check for updates from within the program, you can access this in the Tools menu. A small dialog will show up and tells you wether there is a newer version or not. This is done by connecting to this server, so you have to be connected to the internet."
Filesize: 623 kB
FTP surfer 1.0.7
FTP Surfer is a professional FTP client featuring an Internet Explorer style user interface including an address bar, history, and favorites menu. Features include multiple server connections, drag-and-drop, server file editing, smart reconnect for unreliable connections, find files, find-in-files, HTTP downloads, 'execute FTP commands directly', and 'Send To' menu support.
Filesize: 890 kB
PuTTY.exe is a program that makes Windows users establish a secure connection to Unix (and Linux) terminals, among other things.
Filesize: 412 kB
Team Viewer Support
Run this tool so that one of our agents could remotly support your computer problems over the internet. just give us the ID and password generated by this software and we will be ready to help you.
Filesize: 1.46 MB

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