Backup Service

Your Hosting Account Backup

We at Day Light Networks always try to serve your experience better and efficiently with our services offered to all our customers.

Now we are also offering you to keep your mind at rest with our new automatic backup on a separate server in a different location.

As this service costs us allot of money we couldn't keep this for free, instead we are only charging €2 euro monthly no matter how much data do you have on your existing account. *(T&C apply)*

• Backups are made every week automatically

• Backups are not over written on your last week backup

• Full Backups will be taken including databases, e-mails and all files on your account

• Unlimited Backup Storage Space

• If you need your whole backup re-stored this will be possible in a short time just open a support ticket and we will restore it immediatly

  • This is still cheap comparing what are the advantages

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