We pride to start providing the best automatic schedule online & offline backup for your home and business needs.

As you know backup is one of the most important issues especially in a business environment. 

Online backup is a backup where it is being uploaded from your computer to one of our servers on the internet with security enabled and Raid disks servers and multiple backups for the rest of mind you will never lose any file again.

Offline backup is where a backup takes place on an external hard drive at your own office. 

You might want to ask your self, am I making a copy (backup) of all work done today? how frequent is my backup taken? is my backup being checked by an I.T. Administrator for any corruption?

Well if you are not taking any backups yet, you have a big issue which you should deal with as soon as possible, you can call us on +356 79275722 so that we can setup a meeting and discuss your business scenario and come up with the best backup solution before it is to late.

If you are taking backups, that is a good sign that at least you have a copy of your work, but have you answered the other questions to your self? If the backup is not being checked by someone it might have a corruption or maybe it is not even taking backups anymore for you.

Are you making enough backups? are they frequent?
Are you making multiple backups and store them in a deferent location in case your office gets on fire? 
All of these questions should be very important for your business. 

Please take the time to give us a call with any issues you might have about the risk of your data and we will be more than happy to assist you and help you further to keep your mind at rest with our backup solution.

Mobile: +356 79275722 

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Friday, June 18, 2010

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