What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.

The Internet Protocol (IP) was originally designed for data networking. the success of IP in becoming a world standard for data networking has led to its adaption to voice networking.


Why Use VoIP?

VoIP can be setup across the internet and connected between buildings and have free calls.

When traveling you can call to your office or where ever the VoIP system is installed and call any of your workers free of charge.

Unlimited use of extension numbers & easy to implement new extensions

Can use your current network to connect phones and there is no need to pass extra wiring

We can route all calls depending from which line you are dialing for example:

  • If you dial a number starting with 21****** we can automatically pass that particular call via GO Service Provider as the Call will be cheaper
  • If you dial a number starting with 27****** again we can pass that particular call via Melita Phone Service as the Call will be more effective and cheaper
  • Same goes to mobile phone service  


Free Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call waiting, Call Forwarding, three way calling and other services you will not see anywhere else such as Do Not Disturb &speed dialing 

Free Voicemail service and IVR

All Calls can be recorded Free of charge

Can be connected with skype for free skype-to-skype calls and forcheap international calling calls via the skype network

Employees can move offices without requiring to make any changes in the VoIP system installed

Can Add SIP accounts to dial/receive calls from for cheaper calls. (SIP accounts are other VoIP providers such as GO with the deference that offers you a VoIP account instead of the normal PSTN old line)


VoIP Telephones - do i need to change my phone?

The Answer is NO

There are three methods of connecting to a VoIP network:

  • Using a VoIP telephone
  • Using a "normal" telephone with a VoIP adapter
  • Using a computer with speakers and a microphone or headset

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